Let your creativity run wild!
Join us during Sketching from home sessions in collaboration with the volunteering architects Jean-Paul Carvalho, Arnaud De Meyer and Mauro Doro.

Some pictures and sketches from the previous Urban and Online Sketching sessions!



The next online Sketching Session will take place on Saturday, May 30rd at 2 PM.

Arnaud De Meyer, Jean-Paul Carvalho and Mauro Doro are embarking us on a journey alongside the architect Louis Kahn and the paintings he made during his travels across North America, Europe and Africa.

Louis Kahn began his career as an artist. Even after he started studying architecture, he never stopped studying art and created his own technique by sketching and painting watercolours of ancient ruins. 

Together, in a convivial way, we will discover how Louis Kahn applied his unique style to sketch, draw or paint on the notebook he always carried with him.

With the miniseries “Sketch with…”, LUCA and the volunteering architects and veteran urban sketchers Jean-Paul Carvalho, Arnaud De Meyer and Mauro Doro invite sketching beginners and geeks to develop their own distinctive style by looking over the shoulder of famous artists or architects.

The session will take place on Zoom, an easy and reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing. You just need to register (until May 29th) and to have a stable connexion for the meeting. If needed, here’s a short tutorial.



We had a great time together during this second online sketching session on Saturday, 2 of May! We were pleased to virtually gather most of the sketchers from the first session and welcome newcomers. 

No less than 25 sketchers were joining us, from Luxembourg, France, Germany and Italy! 

This time, Arnaud De Meyer made us discover all the talents of the Austrian painter Egon Schiele, in particular his powerful town sceneries which combined drawing and painting techniques. 

Amateurs and beginners alike, with the tools we had at home, looked over the shoulders of Arnaud de Meyer and Egon Schiele in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We put down on paper our own lines and colours until we came up with some beautiful and original drawings!  

You can go through our sketches in the gallery here on the left. 

See you at the next session! 

Egon Schiele, old houses in Krumau, 1914



It was on Saturday 11 April that the LUCA Luxembourg Center for Architecture and the volunteering architects Jean-Paul, Arnaud and Mauro launched the very first virtual sketching session. We were no less than 18 participants (the youngest being 13 years old) coming from Luxembourg or neighbouring countries for this original and convivial moment!

Amateur or experienced sketchers, we were all gathered – despite the distance and the confinement – around the theme “Sketch like Van Gogh”. We were able to discover some ink sketches, made around 1888 by Van Gogh and, above all, we had the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with drawing techniques and tools.

In a relaxed and participative atmosphere, with our pencils, felt-tip pens, fountain pens, brushes, watercolours, and nevertheless, precious advice and tips from Jean-Paul, Arnaud and Mauro, the participants made the drawings masterpieces that you can discover here.

Van Gogh, Maisons sous le soleil, Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer
1888, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam